My first name’s Diana. Middle name is Lee. During my time as a paper-pusher in real estate, people just started calling me “Dee”. Probably because they always forgot whether my name was Diana or Diane. Also because one syllable is shorter than two or three. Who knows why they did it but they did. I grew so accustomed to it that it just kind stuck with me outside of work, too.

You probably thought this post would be about why you should hire me, but that’s not it at all! It’s about who I am and why “DeeLee Photography” made more sense to me than “Diana Lee Photography”. Pretty straightforward.

I’ve always loved my middle name. I was lucky that my parents never used my middle name when I was in trouble, so I didn’t grow up dreading the sound of it. I don’t actually know why my mom chose “Lee”, but I’m glad she did. Also, “Lee” and “Photography” rhyme so that’s another great reason!

When I started this business in 2012, the thought of using my real first name never even occurred to me: that’s how used I was to hearing my nickname. Originally, I was “DeeLee Productions” because I did some website work and some graphic design alongside the photography. Now, I focus solely on photography because that’s what really drives me. My brand changed and I’m a little surprised at how much I’ve changed since then, too.

I got married. Bought a home. Had children {two daughters, in fact}. And all of that changed me.

My first business logo was bright and bold and modern. Just like me. In my first home, there were statement walls that jumped out at you. Navy blue or crimson red. I shudder to think of my decorating style back then! {Really, it was kinda tacky}.

My second home, the one my husband and I bought together, started out the same way. But, things changed when my first daughter was born. I started gravitating towards softer colors. I still loved the color blue. I still loved color in general. It just wasn’t so harsh and in-your-face. The fact that I fell in love with “Fixer Upper” definitely had an impact, too. {But that’s a whole other story}

So now, I use dusty blues and traditional fonts. I stick with timeless and gentle instead of contemporary and fierce. As I changed, so did my brand. Who knows what changes may happen in the future, but this is where I am right now. The only thing I have left from the younger me is “DeeLee”.

I’m ok with that. I needed to be in that place to come to where I am now. Everything happens for a reason and I truly believe that each season in my life will help me evolve and grow. So that’s why I held onto that nickname. To remind myself that I’m growing, but that I’m still me.

That’s why “DeeLee”.

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