Planning a wedding is a HUGE deal. Things are bound to be overlooked, forgotten, or even dismissed. When I planned my 2013 wedding, there was a lot I did right, but just a few things I did WRONG. I made mistakes which means you don’t have to. So, here is my wisdom for anyone planning their own wedding:

Debary wedding photography 3 biggest wedding regrets ceremony videographer

1.HIRE A VIDEOGRAPHER FOR THE CEREMONY! I had photographers, so I thought that would be enough. WRONG! For the ceremony, I had hired a harpist and a violinist to play music while I walked down the aisle. Do I remember it? NOT AT ALL. I was so hyper-focused on my future husband that nothing else registered. Nothing. I don’t remember hearing the music. I don’t remember who was in the seats. I don’t remember the jokes that happened during the ceremony. None of it. I was so in love and so happy that I had tunnel vision. To this day, I regret that. It would be incredible to see footage of our ceremony. Alas, I don’t have it and that makes for a sad Diana.

Debary wedding photography first look on wedding day also have pictures after the ceremony

2. HAVE PORTRAITS DONE AFTER THE CEREMONY! Jake and I had a first look, so {at the time} I didn’t care if we had portraits of just us after the ceremony was over. WRONG! Those first look pictures are fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but having just been officially married? I can almost guarantee that our expressions would have been different. There would have been another level of emotion that just wasn’t there during the first look. And I kick myself because we had the time to do it. My photographers were super-efficient with family formals, so we had the time to get pictures of just us again. Nope. Didn’t do it. And that can’t be repeated. I lost out on preserving those emotional moments. Again, sad Diana.

3. HAVE A SECOND DRESS FOR THE RECEPTION! I had a lovely ballgown with intricate beadwork and a complicated bustle and I loved it so much I just wanted it to stay on forever. WRONG! That sucker was HOT. It was heavy and awkward. I was terrified of eating dinner lest I spill something on it. I could barely dance! If I had chosen a second dress, something especially for the reception, I would have chosen a loose, flowy, white maxi dress {or something like it}. Nothing expensive and definitely not something labeled as a wedding dress because that would have jacked up the price. I really mean it. Just a white casual dress. Dancing would have been a breeze. I wouldn’t have sweated my butt off. And if it got a little stained from dinner? Meh. Who cares? My real wedding dress would have been safe and sound, already in it’s plastic bag. Side note: Jake had a REALLY hard time helping me out of the big dress. Once again, sad Diana.

There it is: the three things I most regret about my wedding day. Considering the size of our wedding, I’m lucky that’s all I really regret. I remind myself of everything I did right: I married the man I love. No matter what else had happened that day, that would have been enough.

My last word to the wise? Your wedding is not your marriage. Even if everything goes wrong on the wedding day, it doesn’t mean your marriage is doomed. Event planning isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean anything. If your dream comes true and you marry the person you love? That’s enough.

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