In gorgeous Palm Coast, there is a hidden oasis known as Washington Oaks State Park. That’s where I caught up with Jill and Chris for their adorable anniversary photoshoot. It was their wedding venue ten years ago and was the perfect place to celebrate such a milestone anniversary. Boasting ponds, fountains, a rose garden, and an ocean view, Washington Oaks is a real hidden gem in Palm Coast.

Washington oaks state park florida anniversary session

These two met at the Castillo de San Marcos in Saint Augustine just like Jake and I did. And when Chris proposed, he made sure to plan it out. He laid Hershey’s kisses all along the floor leading to the shower full of roses {just wait for it} where a little note was waiting for Jill. The note read “If I kiss the ground you walk on and shower you with roses…” and had a beautiful ring attached. With such a punny proposal, Jill couldn’t say no! Even more unique is that, only four days after my first date with Jake, Jill and Chris tied the knot. Jake almost brought me as his plus-one, but Jill gave him some sound advice:

A wedding might be a bit much for a second date.

Jill – a genius

So, unfortunately, I never got to see their wedding. However, I’ve been able to see everything since! They won me over with their charm and utter nerdiness that completely synced with my own. We all loved history, we all had our nerd-flags flying high, and we became a tight-knit group. Double dates were pretty common for a while.

Washington oaks state park anniversary session in florida

With all of this friendship flying around through the past ten years, I decided they deserved some new, updated pictures for their anniversary; as such, this session was my little gift to them. I drove to meet them on a hot October day {aren’t all days in Florida hot?} and we had perfect weather. Happy blue skies with puffy white clouds…Bob Ross himself couldn’t have asked for better. We even got to recreate some of their original wedding poses!

The rose garden was perhaps my favorite location. Honeybees, butterflies, a happily married couple…complete perfection.

Jill and Chris, you two have become like a part of our family {known as Auntie Jill and Uncle Chris to our girls} and I am so blessed to have captured this important milestone for you. I can’t wait to see what the future brings. Happy anniversary!

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