The other night, I’m laying in bed unable to sleep. It’s almost 4 o’clock in the morning and not a wink of dreamland. My mind is racing, thinking about way too many things. I think I’m crazy! Restarting my business? In a new part of Florida? With two children? AND WITH COVID? I must be a glutton for punishment to try to do all of this now. People are rescheduling weddings left and right!

But then I look over at my sleeping husband {his snoring isn’t helping me fall asleep, by the way} and I suddenly feel a bit relaxed. Not all the way relaxed, but just a bit. Just enough for me to remind myself WHY I chose to become a wedding photographer. Yeah, I get to work for myself and be creative, but there’s more to it than that:

I remember my own wedding and how blissful I was that day. It was fantastic. Something I treasure. It was us and our love and perfect. How we met was a crazy story {I’ll touch on that some other day, I’m sure}. It was kind of like an origin story. And, when we got married, it was a second origin story. The story of our love and our commitment to each other. That’s a pretty big deal no matter how you slice it.

Everyone’s relationship has TWO origin stories. When they meet, and when they marry. Those two moments require the stars to align perfectly. So many moving pieces came together to create that unique relationship, which made me think…


It dawned on me while I was trying to sleep. That was it. The reason I do this. To give people a chance to highlight their origin stories, their relationships. It’s a honor. These people invite me into their lives to capture moments that can’t be repeated. How incredible is that?

So, having this epiphany, I suddenly felt completely, wholly relaxed. I don’t take pictures because I like clicking buttons and editing. I take pictures because they deserve to be taken. These couples deserve a day when everything is all about them and their love. And that is something I can do.

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