That’s where I come in.

I’m incredibly blessed and fortunate to be here right now. Right here, in front of you. 

Here is where it all starts. Your life together will be full of smiles, hugs and precious memories. And this is where my commitment to you starts, too. I’m a photographer, yes. But I want to do so much more for you than that. I don’t want to just take pictures. I want to help make your day memorable.

I’m not here for me. I’m here for you. And you are anything but plain, ordinary or simple. You are fabulous. You are perfect just as you are! And I’m here to help you remember that little fact with pictures that will last forever. 

Stay Shiny!

Diana Lee

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When you’re ready to capture the moment they say “yes”, I’ll be hiding in the bushes to catch it on camera. No camo, though.

Engagement photographer st augustine fl outdoor romantic


Enjoy a test run! Take pictures, smile, relax, and let everyone see what true love is supposed to look like.

wedding st augustine orlando daytona deland fl photographer


This is it! The big day. Time to make memories {and pictures} that will last forever. Also, a great time to enjoy cake and dancing, too.

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