Hey there! I’m Diana and most everyone calls me Dee. I’m the creative behind DeeLee Photography, and I’m so happy to have you visit my page. I’m horrible at these ‘about me’ snippets, but I’ll give it a try.

My husband Jake and I live in central Florida after meeting {and falling in love} in Saint Augustine. We met there when he taught me how to fire cannons. It’s a fun little story. Together, we raise our two daughters: Katherine and Elizabeth. Katherine is a feisty redhead {like me} whereas Elizabeth is a bit more reserved {like Jake}.

On top of everything else, we have three little chihuahuas and three big tomcats. So, it’s a really full house! All ten of us enjoy living on a quiet lake just a hop-skip-and-jump from the major theme parks.

A bit more about me? I love renaissance faires, the color blue, and hot tea. My favorite part of photographing any couple is finding out just what makes them laugh and how they met. Also, how the proposal went. I will never get tired of proposal stories.

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